"Organist Maul shows enormous technique... extraordinary sensitivity the acoustics of the hall... maintaining the linear clarity of the music while giving color and warmth."

—Artist Series, National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
The Evening Star, Washington D.C.


"Mr. Maul is a superb stylist. His technique is brilliant and his phrasing musical. He avoids the extremes of dull musicology and flashy exhibitionism."

—The Globe Democrat, St. Louis MO


"...played one of the most satisfying recitals this writer has heard in a long time. His technique was sure and impeccable and he played very expressively yet with a good scholarly concept of stylistic limitations."

—The American Organist, New York


"Mr. Maul is a first-rate soloist"

—The Citizen, Ottawa, Canada


"His performance shows off both his own virtuosity and the fine features of the instrument he plays, but never at the expense of good musicianship."

—The New Records, Philadelphia, PA


"He responds with registrations which seem to make the instrument expand beyond its obvious resources. And pay attention to his tempos. Here is one organist who plays classic composers as though they were contemporary writers full of innovations."

The Evening Star, Washington D.C.


"William Maul is a brilliant and honest performer."

—Music, New York


William Maul — New York Studio, 2009
New York Studio, 2009

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